Monday, May 9, 2011

Week in Review: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

I had a great week of training!  Last week I had missed three workouts due to illness and marathon weekend.  I was chomping at the bit to get back at it. 

Cut my 75-90 minute swim short, but managed to get in 60 good minutes.  Wondered if I eating or at least drinking coffee might help my AM swim sessions.  Perhaps they would result in multiple trips to the restroom during my swim routine.  I just don't know.  After the guilt of cutting my swim short set in, I decided that I needed to redeem myself.  I added an impromptu cycle session and turned the day from the planned long swim to a medium swim/short bike brick.  Since I was running late for work, I sprinted on my bike 7 miles to work.  I managed to get there in 20 minutes! YES!  I was so proud of myself that I rewarded myself with a slow, leisurely 7 mile/30 minute ride home.  See how I roll? Punish, reward, punish, reward. I think it all comes out balanced in the end.

52 minutes/6 miles with average pace of 9:02. Felt good but I had to consciously push myself to maintain speed.  If you are working on speed, find someone who is slightly faster than you to run with.  You'll push yourself and get stronger.  Your buddy will appreciate an easy day.  I practice my sandbagging just before these runs. I should record my excuses I throw out before runs just in case I can't keep up.  Please, I beg you, go easy on me because...  I ate too big of a lunch... I've got my period... My feet hurt... Who knows what my excuse will be next time.

It's SO much more fun swimming with a buddy than swimming solo.  Even if you can't chat much while swimming, it's just reassuring that there's someone you know in the water suffering, I mean training, right along with you.  My running partner has joined me once a week for swimming.  It's great  having the poolside company.  My favorite part is when we get to chat and soak in the hot tub after our swim.  I tried out a new 6o minute swim routine and loved it.  The time went by so quickly having this as my focus.  I liked not taking as many breaks as I've gotten used to taking and being able to do some speed work without dying out there.
  • warm up 300m
  • 500m followed by 50 second rest
  • 400m followed by 40 second rest
  • 300m followed by 30 second rest
  • 200m followed by 20 second rest
  • 100m
Total:  36 laps or just over a mile .
After all that, the friggin' hot tub was out of order.  Bastards!  I was bitter for the rest of the day.  I had saved my best stories and juiciest gossip for the hot tub and my friend and I didn't even get to soak.  Now I feel compelled to call ahead of time to confirm that at least one of the two hot tubs will be open.

1 hr 2 mins/6.6 miles with average pace of 9:30.  This was with a group of mommas in town who run together on a weekly basis.  Time/miles go by so quickly with the steady, often times funny conversations.  The pace is lovely after my speedier Tuesday runs.  My running partner and I tacked on some extra and quicker miles after the rest of the group went home.

Bailed on my workout. Sleeping in sounded better that morning.  I had a busy, tiring day.  Once evening rolled around for my last-chance-workout, I decided that I'd rather make my family a decent home-cooked meal, enjoy dinner with them and go to a track meet.  So I had an unscheduled rest day but that's okay, especially since it was the first of my week.  Balance, balance, balance! 

My running partner and I headed out of town for a trail run somewhere new.  We were pleased to run a nice flat easy 11.13 miles on pretty trails.  It felt awesome and was so much fun! It was my longest run since my torn PF last June and subsequent foot tendinitis after being in a cast for a few weeks.  I am happy to report that I had no unpleasant repercussions as result of this run.  While my legs were tired, there was no pain in my feet or anywhere else.  YAY!  This was a huge confidence boost.  Maybe I don't have to give up distance running altogether.  California International Marathon 2011, here I come!  I just printed out my 30 week training plan.

I had a 2 hour ride scheduled but the weather didn't cooperate.  I was forced to ride on my spin bike indoors.  I rode a solid hour while watching a swim technique video.  I felt like an amphibian living a duel life.  Then I lifted weights and did core work.  Why do I put that off all the time?  I actually like it!  In the evening, I rode another hour while watching a movie on TV.  I threw in some sprints, climbs and jumps to keep things lively. 

I am proud of my consistency this week.  I really need to figure out how to get my strength and core work in.  I still tend to skip those workouts.  I missed a biking session and/or brick.  Not too shabby though, especially since I'm following the Olympic Triathlon plan while training for a sprint triathlon.  Bring it!

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