Sunday, May 22, 2011

T minus 8 days: Week in Review and Week Ahead

Highlight of the Week:  North Shore Trail Run with highly entertaining, utterly inspirational, hardcore fitness momma friends

The grey rain clouds cleared and sun came out just when I was supposed to begin my tapering.  Conditions were absolutely ideal for cycling.  Every chance I got, I hopped on Princess and hit the roads.  I declare this week not only my two week countdown but "The Week of the Bike" as well.  Here it is in a nutshell:

Monday:  45 minutes swim + 14 miles/1 hour r/t bike commute to/from work
The swim team was churning up the waters and hogging the lanes.  My running/swimming partner and I managed not to throw temper tantrums, get our swim workouts in and come out unscathed. Our reward was that we didn't have to listen to folks holler about lobster quiche and beef brisket in the hot tub.

Tuesday:  6 mile/53 minute run/ave pace 8:58
Nice solid 8:25-9:05 minute mile pace. Swear to the endurance goddess, every time I put on my sports bra to go for this afternoon run, I get sick to my stomach.  WTF?  Is it the smell of the very well-loved bra, constriction around my chest or the thought of running in the afternoon when I'm all tired? Thankfully I have a standing date to run with a fellow teacher/momma of twins friend; otherwise I may have thrown in the towel long ago.

Wednesday:  75 minute/22 mile bike ride
My previous blog entry is about this fabulous dusk to sunset ride. Mostly flat, easy paced ride with one Skinner Butte climb for kicks.  Have I mentioned how much I love cycling?

Thursday:  rested
As much as I wanted to run in the good company of my Run Momma Run group, I needed a day off. 

Friday:  34 mile/2:32 bike ride
Hour and a half(ish) morning ride on the river with friend, and fellow Heart of the Valley Sprint Triathlon participant.  Included two Skinner Butte climbs.  Rode additional hour or 14 miles to/from work.  I am LOVING bike commuting! It's fun, energizes me and puts me in a good mood for my workday.  It's a very quick and easy way to squeeze in a workout with someone with as busy of a schedule as me.

Saturday:  8 mile/ 1:45 minutes/13:11 pace trail run
I was eagerly anticipating this run with three of my BRFFs (best running friends forever).  We had a wonderful time out chatting it up and running on the beautiful North Shore trails. 
My Super Cute BRFFs

I just love these people!
(Even the one who ruined my post-run guilty pleasure of Lay's Potato Chips by saying they smelled like farts.)
Sunday:  Strength and core + 1/2 mile/20 minute swim
Getting to the gym has been difficult lately. I'd much rather workout outdoors.  This means that if I want to get my S & C, *in my whiniest voice* I need to make a separate trip to the gym which is 6-7 miles/15 minutes away from my house or have the self-discipline to do it at home.  I have been lucky to get in at least one session for the last few months.  I'm just not feeling it, am so busy and not to toot my own horn or anything, am feeling and looking pretty buff with my swimming, cycling and running.  Really, next time you see me, ask me to flex for you.  I'm packing some guns!

On my way to the hot tub, my reward from pumping iron and crunching, I discovered a completely empty pool!  It was too beautiful to pass up on and it would save me an extra trip and sleep time.  I did a little race simulation for my swim portion.  I still can't get over how hard swimming, especially the first 7 laps still feels for me.

2 swim sessions:  1-1/2 miles/65 minutes
3 bike sessions:  68 miles/4hrs45mins
2 run sessions:  14 miles/2.63hrs
1: Strength and core session: 45 mins

This Week's Training Plan:
8 more days until my second sprint triathlon!  I might have gotten a little carried away last week.  My goal for this week is to lay low, get lots of sleep, think through race day details and get my race kit together.

Monday:  rest + take bike into shop for quick check over random squeak

Tuesday:  30-40 minute cycle + pack race kit

Wednesday:  swim: 4 to 5 100m at race tempo with 20 seconds recovery in between)

Thursday:  easy paced 4 mile run (include w/u, 1 mile at race pace and c/d)

Friday:  rest

Saturday:  10-15 minute run with 3X30 seconds at race pace on a soft track surface

Sunday:  very short/light swim and/or bike ride

Monday:  RACE DAY!

I'm feeling much more prepared mentally and physically for this triathlon than my first.  I am ready to have fun and "throw down" to see just what I'm capable out there when I give it my all.  This will most likely be my last triathlon of the season.  Bring it!  I'm ready!

TMI Afterward:
Only thing I'm obsessing about it Aunt Flo's arrival date, which according to PTracker is five days.  Urg, what's a woman to do?  At least the tri-suit will keep the string well hidden.

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