Monday, May 9, 2011

Three Weeks to Go! This Week's Training Plan

Heart of the Valley Sprint Triathlon is in three weeks!  This week is my last fitness-building week.  I've been training hard and still managing to stay healthy.  This is a novel concept for me as I am so prone to overuse injuries.  With triathlon, I am feeling stronger than I ever.  This week's plan is as follows:

Monday:  Swim/bike brick
  • 60 minute swim (technique focus)
  • 70 minute/14 mile ride to/from work. Added two hill climbs on Spyglass. This hill is a little too short for hill repeats but plenty steep to make for a nice challenge.  Love screaming down the hill at 25-30 MPH!  Thanks a million to my honey for my awesome new bike computer that clocks my speed/mileage/pace.  I love it!
  • 50-60 minute tempo run
  • 60-90 minute bike ride
  • Strength and core work
  • 40 minute run
  • 60 minute swim 
  • Strength and core work

  •  rest/stretch
Sunday:  Bike/run brick date morning with Steve <3
  • 2 hour Fox Hollow ride
  • 3 mile run

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