Sunday, May 15, 2011

Two Weeks to Go! This week's training plan

Heart of the Valley Sprint Triathlon is in two weeks!  I am excited!!! I had such a blast during my first tri, could the second one possibly live up to that one?  I had hopes of setting a new PR but after looking more closely into the bike portion of this event, I've questioned that possibility.  Albany was super flat and HOV supposedly has course with rolling hills and two challenging hills.  I have so much energy, my body feels great and I just want to do it all!  This is where I have gotten in trouble in the past.  I need to continue to pull back on the reins.  No going gung ho and doing something stupid because I'm enjoying my fabulous workout company or feeling the swimdorphins, biker buzz or runner's high.  Be smart. Stick with the plan.  Listen to my body.  Sleep well.  Eat well.  Recovery well.  Have fun and don't get too serious.

This week's plan is as follows:

  • 45 minute swim working on base endurance and staying relaxed.  Long reps over race distance at easy pace. 
  • 50 minute fartlek run. Start easy. Alternate between tempo and steady pace every 60 seconds.  Easy cool down.
  • Strength and core
  • Steady 14 mile/60 min ride to/from work.  Include technique work: smooth pedaling, high cadence
  • rest
  • tempo/sprint swim: Mix of 300-400 of tempo 100m reps and 100-200m of max 25m reps with 50% recovery-to-exercise ratio. Wear tri suit.
  • strength and core
  • 8 mile easy paced run. Trails? (Love the extra cycling and bricks, but I sure miss my LSD runs)
  • Bike/run brick, 50 mins. 40 mins building intensity every 10mins from recovery to tempo pace. 10 minutes run off bike-  begin first 5mins at target race pace and finish last 5mins at easy pace.

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    1. Looks like a fun workout week - I'll miss you Thursday though. Have fun being excited, I'm excited for you too!