Sunday, April 25, 2010

Competitive Withdrawal Oblivion

After making fun of this book I decided that maybe this dated running book had some merits and decided to peruse it a little further.  With a two weeks to go until my marathon and nothing further to do to increase my readiness, I turned to the chapter "Competition: Transcending the Limitations".  I seriously have limitations that most certainly need to be transcended on race day.  I have been quite the marathon diva lately who likely has been driving her husband/coach and her running partner crazy for at least the last month.  Authors Allan Lawrence and Mark Scheid enlightened me as to why I've been so difficult.  Apparently I am suffering from Competitive Withdrawal Oblivion.   CWO is a state in which "the runner sees little apart from the starting line of the race, hears little of anything that is said to him, and remembers almost nothing of the pre-race activities when questioned after the race."  Those unfortunate enough to be around individuals exhibiting CWO shouldn't be offended by the ignorant, insensitive, or rude mannerisms of runners who suffer this malady. (p. 65)  Oh, how I love a psychological excuse for my poor, self-centered behavior! 

One more week until race day then I'll be back to my normal self.  Until then, here are some of the few things over which I will obsess:
  1. Will my legs show up for the race after being temperamental for the last month?
  2. Will all my speed work pay off and allow me to sustain a 9:10 average pace for 26.2 miles?
  3. Will I be able to fend off trips to the Honey Bucket during the race?
  4. Do I wear my new ultra light Asics DS Gel Trainers or my regular 2140 clod stompers?
  5. Will I be able to operate the highly complicated Garmin 405?  
  6. Will I get that amazing race high feeling that I usually get that gives me that extra boost of energy, speed and endurance?
  7. Will Aunt Flo refrain from visiting on race day?
  8. Will I run the entire race solo or will I meet up with some awesome people to help pass the miles and time?
  9.   Will I cross the finish line victorious or painfully grapevine through it as I recently dreamed?

1 comment:

  1. Uh, you're going to kick ass. Period. The end. I see a PR in clear view. Aunt Flo will be at Aunt Hotflashes making aspic. Endorphins and adrenalin will suppress any IT issues.

    CWO - that's hilarious! And completely true. I'm just saying this because I've done it myself. You're not difficult, BTW, just doin the pre-race routine. I think it's awesome!!! You're gonna rock it, baby!!