Thursday, April 1, 2010

Crunching Numbers for March Running

Mileage totals:
  • March:  134.05  
  • for the year:  371.93

Summary of speed work:  Whew!  I can't believe I squeezed in four of these!
  • 4 mile tempo run w/ 8:14 mi/mi ave pace & .5 rests in between.  1 mi. w/up + 1 mi c/d
  • 7 Yasso 800s w/ 7:45 min/mi ave pace.  2.75 mi w/up & .5 mi c/d
  • 3x2mi intervals w/ 8:30 mi/mi ave pace & 3-1/2 min recovery in between.  Then 3x200m w/ 7:40 min/mi ave pace.  1 mi w/up & 1.5 mi c/d
  • 8 mile tempo run w/ 9:05 min/mi ave pace
Summary of long runs: Ouch!  I missed an important 18 mile run last weekend. I am not proud to report the following.  To make myself feel better, I am reminding myself that I ran Hagg Lake 25 K on Feb. 20 and then ran 17 road miles on 2/27..
  • 13 miles on Ridgeline Trail
  • 20 miles on river bike path 
  • 14 miles on river bike path
Easy and recovery runs:  Got these in on the trail and road.  Averaged 5 days of running a week except during spring break 

New iTune downloads:  Gotta keep the tuneage fresh to put in the mileage
  • Sugar by Flo Rida
  • Use Someone by Kings of Leon
  • Runnin' Down a Dream by Tom Petty
  • Kryponite by 3 Doors Down
  • According to You by Orianthi
Final thoughts:
All this road running is beating up my body and boring my mind.  I can't wait to have this marathon in the bag so that I can get back to the glorious trails.  I finally made an appointment to see my chiropractor for some adjustments and ART as I am feeling discomfort in my left achilles and right hamstring.  Love the new Asics 2150 Trail shoes.  I'm looking forward to buying a pair of lightweight shoes for speed work and race day.


  1. which 50k are you doing? i really enjoy the ultra training. i find it more relaxing that marathon training.

    funny you want to get back to trails...i'm scared of trails! don't want to get hurt.

  2. Siskiyou Out Back in Ashland. I agree about ultra training being more relaxing than marathon training. :-) Happy running!