Saturday, May 1, 2010

April Training in a Nutshell

Mileage totals:
  • April: 144.58 miles
  • For the year:  514.62
Summary of speedwork:
  • 9 mile tempo cut down run (1m w/u, miles 2-7 at 9:05, 9:00, 8:55, 8:50, 8:40, 8:35, 1 m c/d)
Challenging run but a really good one for me physically but even more importantly mentally.  I went in thinking there was no way I could do this but I did!  Confidence booster.  Negative split practice.
  • 2X3 miles at 8:30 with .25 rest in between.  2X800 (dang! forgot to record pace)
  • 4 miles 1m w/u, 2 miles at marathon pace, 1 m c/d
Very good quality speed sessions.  Not too many due to marathon tapering.

Summary of long runs:
  • 20 miles at 10:03 pace
  • 13 miles on the trail
  • 23 miles in 3:48 on the road and bark chips.  IT band bothered me first 7 miles then finally loosened up.  Turned out being a terrific fun mellow hands free run with Laura.  Definitely tired at the end. 
Summary of easy/recovery runs:
Running Thursdays with the Run Momma Run group worked really well after my speedwork days and kept my distance and speed in recovery mode.  It was hard to get out there but Sunday runs kept me from getting sore after my long runs. 

iTune Downloads:
  • Lady Gaga:  Telephone & Alejandro
  • Diana Ross:  I'm Coming
  • Jay-Z:  Young Forever
  • Los Lonely Boys:  Heaven
  • Rihanna:  Rude Boy
  • Boyce Avenue:  No One/Tattoo Medley
  • Usher:  OMG
  • Alicia Keys:  No One
  • Dusty Springfield:  Son of a Preacher Man
  • Travie McCoy:  Billionaire
  • The Weather Girls:  It's Raining Men
Final thoughts:
This was a hard month mentally and physically.  Increased distance, long speed work sessions and mostly road running beat me up physically.  Minor injuries, aches & pains crept in, damped my spirits, decreased my competitive drive and made running uncomfortable or painful.  It seemed to take anywhere from 4-7 miles to loosen up and get into my groove and feel the flow.  I desperately wanted to hit the trails but since I'm training for a road marathon, I needed to focus on road work.  I went in for three sessions with my chiropractor to work on my IT and surrounding areas of my right leg. While the IT was my major concern, as it affected my bio-mechanics, I also felt a random throbbing in my achilles tendon on left leg and tenderness in my left shins.  I did a lot of icing, elevating and stretching.  I spent a lot of time on my foam roller.

The monotony of roadwork left me fantasizing about spending hours on end on the beautiful trails with my dog.  I can't wait to take my dog and hit the trails for hours on end not paying any attention to speed or distance.  Just running for time, meditating and enjoying nature's splendor.  Tapering started mid-month and pre-race jitters quickly filled the void of the decreased mileage.

Ready or not, Eugene Marathon 2010 here I come.  I certainly have put in the work.  I've got a very clear goal that is just within my grasp.  I'm ready to push myself harder than I've ever pushed myself at a race.  It's a bit scary but exciting.  I've had some amazing support over the last few months.  You know who you are.  Thanks for all your help and support!

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