Saturday, February 12, 2011

My New "Friday at Four"

"Fridays at four" used to mean meeting my fellow workmates at a nearby brewpub to toss back some beers and chat. After a long, busy week working, it often was the perfect start to the weekend and way to connect with folks that I saw in passing throughout the week.

Since having children, over six years ago, "Fridays at four" have become a thing of the past.  Another one of those things that happened BC (before children), like sleeping in and leisurely eating breakfast and reading the paper cover to cover weekend mornings.  Sometimes I miss participating in this work ritual, but for the most part I'm delighted to have two cutie pies awaiting my arrival home from work each Friday afternoon.

Yesterday marked another Friday, the end of the work week and the beginning of the coveted weekend.  Right after work, I headed to the gym for a nice easy swim.  I enjoyed a half hour of quiet, weightless movement. The pool washed away all the details of the work week.  When I stepped out of the water, I felt refreshed, calm, centered and fully ready to seize the weekend with my family.  Now if that isn't a great Friday at four, I don't know what is.  Here's to embracing new meaningful, healthy rituals into our lives!


  1. Gee, both pictures look really good, but I have to say, that pool wins :-)