Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Day I Didn't Want to Get out of the Pool

Thanks to mother nature, I was blessed with a snow day today. Light fluffy flakes greeted my sweet daughters who were pretty confident that it was the result of their snow antics-- wearing their pajamas backwards, sleeping with spoons under their pillows, flushing an ice cube down the toilet and spinning around three times, the night before.  As a working mom, I long for extra time with my children and a chance to play catch up around the house.  After wolfing down a big breakfast, we bundled up and headed outdoors to enjoy our rare snow day.  There was much snow fun to be had and we weren't sure how long the white stuff was going to stick around.

Kassidy making a giant snowball

Skylar sitting on what will be the snowperson's middle

Ta da!  The twins made a snowperson
Three snow people,  two snow angels and many snowball fights later, we retreated into our warm home for hot chocolate.  Snow play is exhausting for the six year-old crowd.  Just as my daughters were ready for some down time, I was ready for some "me time".  I had sore legs from yesterday's run, so rather than hit the snowy roads, I opted for the pool.

Pre-Swim giddy feeling

The recreation center was pleasantly quiet and empty.  I was delighted not only to find my own lane, but to also find pleasantly warm water this crisp morning.  Mmmmm, it felt so good.  I had no where to be and nothing to do other than enjoy my swim.  Up and down the lanes I went, savoring the entire experience.  The feeling of weightlessness as I propelled through the water, the sight of air bubbles coming off my fingertips with each stroke, the sound the water gurgling underneath my swim cap and the feel of my rhythmic breathing was all that occupied my thoughts.  Lap after lap I went, waiting for fatigue to hit my limbs.  It never did.  Quite the opposite, in fact.  The more I swam, the more I wanted to continue swimming.  It was as if I was in a water-induced trance from which I didn't want to wake.

It seemed as if time stood still during my mile-long session in the pool.  The clock told another story, that in fact, an hour had passed.  My quiet retreat was coming to an end.  My partner had a workout to tend to and my children were likely re-energized and ready for more snow play.  As I made my way out of the pool, I noticed crystal blue skies and sunlight streaming through the windows.  I had that post-swim my-body-is-jello feeling.  All those sore muscles had loosened.  They were breathing a contented sigh and thanking me for the gift of such a loving, gentle form of exercise.  The outdoor jacuzzi caught my eye.  Perhaps just another ten minutes of aqua therapy?

After a nice hot soak and gentle stretching, I decided that it was time to return to the real world.  Thank you mother nature!  What a lovely treat this mid-morning swim was.

Post swim glow and goggle lines

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