Sunday, May 6, 2012

5 Weeks until Boise 70.3!

Whew! I don't think I've EVER logged so many hours or expended so much energy.  Last week, I hit all my planned workouts except for a 2200 endurance swim.  This came to a grand total of 13.5 hours.  I found myself hungrier, crabbier and more focused and driven than ever.  I had to be super creative to get it all in around my work schedule, hubs' workout schedule and kids' soccer practice and games.  Hubs and I even managed to squeeze a lovely date afternoon of ice cream, cribbage in the park, dinner out and hot tub soak while the kiddos were at an extended play date.

Thankfully, after three weeks in the "build-phase", I get a slightly easier week to recover.  I'm planning on focusing on sleep and diet this week.  I have not been getting enough sleep and have been eating like crappola because I've been so stinkin' busy. I can hardly believe that after this week, I have three weeks of building, a week of tapering and then it's race day!

It is time to take care of logistics:
1.  Find and try out a wetsuit.  I've never even done and open water swim before!
2.  Get bike checked over and blessed by my buddies at Life Cycle.
3.  Figure out what I will wear race day.  Try these clothes/gear out.
4.  Practice using my watch's multi-sport function.
5.  Read over the gazillion page athlete booklet.

I have really, really, really missed my family over the weekends when my training volume is at it's peak.  I reconfigured my schedule so that my off day is Sunday so I can spend more time with them.

This week's workouts:
Monday:  Bike 45 min w/ 5X2 min hard efforts

Tuesday:  AM 1300 swim with main set of 6X75 sprints
                PM: 5 mile run (2 mi w/u, 1 mile at 10K pace, 2 mi easy)

Wednesday:  Bike 40 min moderate + 10 mins hard

Thursday:  AM 1300 swim w/ main set 200-300 pace
                 PM:  5 mile run with my speed group

Friday:  Long ride divided into two chunks.
            5AM 90 mins w/ spin class
           11:30: 2 hour ride + 15 minute ride after work before picking girls up from school.

Saturday:  AM 2000 swim w/ main set of 500 @ race pace + 12 mile run with last 2 miles at race pace.
                Girls last soccer game!

Sunday: REST.  Be with family for Mother's Day.

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