Thursday, March 10, 2011

What's better than a bromance & involves a pair of running chicks?

"What's the female version of a bromance?" a friend asked me.  I had just read a text message my running partner, Laura had sent. It was Friday afternoon and we were eagerly anticipating a long trail run together the next morning.  We had been sending texts about the details.  My friend, who had heard countless stories about the running adventures of Leah and Laura, was starting to get curious about our unique little relationship.
After quietly thinking for a minute, he went on to explain that when two guys are really good friends, they are in a bromance. As one who really enjoys bromedies like "Superbad", I Love You, Man" and "The Hangover", I was familiar with the term.  Yet I had never thought that there might be a female equivalentMy friend was sure there was a term, but I certainly didn't know it.

Laura is my friend and running partner.  We have logged hundreds of miles together.  During peak training days, I am likely to spend more hours talking to her than I do anyone else.  I mean really, how often do you have a four hour conversation with someone unless you're training together for a marathon or ultra-marathon? After all the hours, miles, conversations and shared experiences, Laura and I have gotten close.  We know when the other is happy, stressed, excited or sad.  We have shared the ups and downs of being a mom, wife, sister and friend.  We have supported and encouraged each other. We have kept a watchful eye for passersby while the other has slipped discretely off the trail or road to take a tinkle.

After my nine week running hiatus, I have been more grateful than ever to have such a great running partner.  As I looked over pictures of us together at the fabulous Run Momma Run Winery Run & Brunch, I started thinking back to that distant conversation I had with my friend.  Was there a female equivalent to the term bromance?  Indeed there is!  I can't believe I needed google to help me figure it out.  According to Urban Dictionary and a number of websites, the term my friend was looking for was womance.  I'm feeling a little disappointed.  Bromance sounds cool.  Bruthas havin' a bromance ain't nuthin' to be ashamed of.  Sistas havin' a womance seems well, wather widiculous.

At the Run Momma Run Winery Run & Brunch

For the most part, a day doesn't go by that Laura and I don't communicate.  I look forward to seeing and even better, running with her whenever we're able.  Our runs are full of conversation, laughter and easy silences.  We have known and been running with each other for two years now.  I look forward to many more miles, races and events together.  Forget womances, I'd wather have a wockstar wunning partner ANY day!

After our first trail race: Hagg Lake 25K 2010


  1. Womance? That's the best they can come up with? Seriously? Women deserve better. Wait a minute, you've got it pretty good here. A fantastic running partner, a great friend, someone who has your back, and great conversation. Maybe us guys should be the envious ones - we've just got the cool name ;-)

    Love the blog! So real. So good to see you out there with your running folk again.

    Sororities have nothing on women who run together.

  2. Wow! How timely this post is. I was wealy thinking about our relationship today and how sweet it is. Has it only been 2 years...seems like many more. I guess we should count the miles cuz there are indeed hundreds and it just gets better with each passing one. Wuv you!