Monday, December 20, 2010

You Know You're a Running Family When...

1.  Leah will pack the family up in the car, drive for miles and miles to drop ultra runner husband, Steve out into the middle of nowhere so that he can log miles to prepare for his 100 mile race.  The last time we did this, we were in Bend and had taken along my brother.  The girls and I waved, blew kisses and cheered as we sped away in the air conditioned car.  My brother Chris looked mortified as he watched Steve through the side view mirror as he get littler and littler on the dusty cinder trail in the heat of the day.  We assured him that this was what Steve wanted and that running 20ish miles was nothing to him and what a great sense of direction he has.  We haven't lost him yet.

2.  Steve and Leah fight for the prime first thing in the morning running slot.  Perhaps what's most interesting about this one is that coveted AM slot entails a wake up call between 4:30 and 5:30 AM and requires head lamp and/or reflective vests.

3.   You buy Gu by the case.  We think Vanilla tastes the best.  This doesn't mean it tastes "good" mind you!

4.  A whole large kitchen drawer is reserved for running gels, gummies, ginger chews and salt tabs. A box in the kitchen counter houses a dozen or so water bottles and bottle holsters.  Bottle holsters you ask?  These are canvas mesh sleeves that fit over your water bottle.  Put a couple Gu in the handy zipper pocket, fill her up, slip your hand in and you can stay hydrated during your longer runs.

5.  Steve and I get such comments from the peanut gallery:
5 year-old Skye:  How far did you run this morning?
Me: 5 miles
5 year-old Skye:  That's not very far.

Skye looks at a post-run Daddy in his sweat saturated clothes:
Skye: Did you get sweaty by your run?
Daddy: Yeah.
Skye pouts and says: I want to get sweaty too!

6. Is a very specific workout schedule carefully negotiated, typed up and posted on the refrigerator.  You snooze, you lose!

7.  You subscribe to and anticipate the arrival of each new issue of Runner's World, Trail Runner and Ultrarunning magazines.

9.  You incorporate your vacation plans with upcoming races and your family serves as your crew and cheering squad.

Mt. Hood "camping trip" aka Mt. Hood PCT 50 (Steve's 50 mile run)
Ashland "camping trip" aka Pine to Palm (Steve's 100 mile race)
10.  You buy a vehicle that serves as a home on wheels.  This allows you more money to spend on race entry fees as opposed to pesky hotel reservations.  Here's our VW Eurovan "Moby" filled to the gills.

Our Crew-Mobile with Cute Crew Duo
 11.  Our combined running gear requires a room of its own complete with dresser and shelf unit.  All the levels of gear are represented to keep us warm, cool, dry, visible in the dark, etc.  We also have special laundry detergent for said clothes & hang dry contraption since they can't go in the drier.  Talk about high maintenance!

12.  During races, your children wear shirts or hold signs that say things like:
My daddy runs faster than your daddy.

I love my marathon mommy!

Toenails are for sissies.

Go Mommy Go 26.2!

With my daughters after my 1st marathon

These two cuties & big handsome lift my spirits at all races.


  1. 13. You get an opportunity to have a date out of the house and go for a run - together.

    Another fine bit of writing.

  2. Definitely a great list! I like the added number 13 as well, hubby and I had a running date today on the Ridgeline trail. And we love our VW van. Trouble is, with the kids getting so big we're growing out of it.