Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Carpe Diem Baby!

For a gal who spent nearly every waking moment running or thinking about running, finding something to replace that gaping hole was a formidable challenge.  I didn't know it at the time but I'd be sidelined from running for the next four months.  Most of that time I would be off work for the summer.  Fortunately my family and I had a very full summer schedule.  I longed to escape from my normal life and routine so I wouldn't miss running so darn much.  There's more to life than running, right? Well, I was determined to seek it out and enjoy every minute of it!

Our summer kicked off with our annual trip to Camp Silver Creek for three nights of old fashioned summer camp fun with the whole family.  My best friend and her family were joining us this year which made it all the more special.  I wasn't able to get around as well or be as active due to my painful foot but nonetheless had a fun time being off cooking, cleaning and entertaining duty.  It was so nice to just be able to enjoy my family's sweet company and appreciate the simplicity of living in a tiny cabin out in the wilderness.

 The cabin in which we spent three nights.

 Boating in the pond.
Yay for Trickle Falls!

The next trip that we had planned was a highly anticipated trip to "Out and About Treesort". Steve and I had booked a two night stay for our family in a tree house resort in the quaint town of Taquilma near Cave Junction, Oregon.  It was an absolutely amazing retreat.  We lived high up in a lovely treehouse, swam in the river fed natural pool, lived out our Swiss Family Robinson dreams with tree forts, rope swings, rope ladders and hung out with other families during meal times and evening campfires.  The highlight was getting to practice the art of living fearlessly during my two and a half hours on the ziplines and adrenaline rushed Tarzan Swing free falls.
 Kassidy swinging from the trees.
 Hanging out by the pool on a hot sunny day.
 Me finding my inner child on a rope swing.
 My final ride along the zipline
 The Elementree Treehouse where we spent three lovely restful nights.
Surrendering for a 25 foot free fall and 55 foot total drop on the Tarzan Swing.  What a rush!

It was the BEST vacation ever. I'll never forget it and can't wait to return to this idyllic setting.  Now this is living the good life!  When one door closes, a window always opens.  It was time to tackle my "bucket list" and suck the marrow out of life.

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  1. Way to take that injury bull by the horns and grab onto other parts of life and live them to the fullest! You're a braver woman than I (seeing as I get woozy on an elevator!) What a great vacation spot. I need to put that on our list too.